About This Blog

I chose the blog’s title, Common Core Lab Rat because the Common Core standards are still new. Different book publishers have different interpretation of the standards and learning it seems like an experiment to see which one works. My kids, along with the kids who are currently in the early grades will be the first ones to experience Common Core based teaching.

This blog is to document our family’s journey in helping our kids get an education based on the Common Core standards. I will document the process, state the the materials we use, and share our mistakes along the way. My hope is that some users will see our blog and provide ideas on how to achieve the Common Core standards in a more efficient way.

Another purpose of this blog is to model writing to my kids. My eldest child loves to read, as she has watched both her parents read books regularly since she was still an infant. We have also read to her often. However, I have always detested writing. I remember crying as a child while brainstorming for ideas for our English writing homework. Even when I was working on my masters degree, my biggest fear was writing papers, especially for my Capstone project. To prevent my kids from detesting writing as much as I do, I am trying to write regularly, so they can see that writing can be fun, too!

Finally, by writing this blog, I will most likely improve my writing and probably enjoy it eventually, or at least, be a more proficient writer.