Who is a Better Queen? Marie Antoinette vs Esther of Persia

Who is a Better Queen? Marie Antoinette vs Esther of Persia

by Katie Denise Fischer


In my opinion, I think Esther is a better queen. Esther and Marie Antoinette were both queens. They were both in an arranged marriage. Marie Antoinette got married because her mom wanted her to marry Louis Auguste of France. Esther was married because the King of Persia thought she was so beautiful so he chose her as his wife.


Marie Antoinette was a bad queen because she spent all her people’s money on herself while her people were poor and hungry. Esther saved her people from Haman who plotted to kill the Jews. Esther was also heroic because she used her influence to convince her husband that someone was plotting to kill her people. While Marie Antoinette did not convince her husband to give money to the poor. She was greedy and selfish.

That is why I think Esther is a better Queen. What about you, who do you think is a better queen?


Daynes, Katie. Marie Antoinette. Usborne Publishing Ltd, 2005.

4 thoughts on “Who is a Better Queen? Marie Antoinette vs Esther of Persia”

  1. I definitely agree. Esther was a better queen than Marie Antoinette. I think a ruler’s responsibility is to take care of their people, and Marie Antoinette didn’t do that. Great paper, Katie!

  2. I agree as well Katie.
    Having great power and influence also means you have great resability as well…
    Marie Antoinette abused her power where Queen Esther used it for the good of others.
    Esther was truly the better queen. I wonder if Queen Marie Antoinette had known God and allowed him to direct her path like Queen Esther how different her legacy would have been…
    Great job Katie! Such a bright girl!!

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