History for Kids

After immigrating to the United States eleven years ago, I often heard references to people, places and events that I know nothing about. I did not know much about American History nor European History. I went to school in the Philippines until I graduated from college. We did not discuss much western history. I had a World History class during my senior year in high school but it wasn’t deep enough for me. The focus of our history lessons was the Philippines and other countries surrounding Asia.

Once I quit my job to take care of my kids, I had more time on my hands, and decided to take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about American and European history. I bought several books about it. I finished reading the “The Story of the World” series, which is written for children. I liked it a lot because it was told in narrative form.

Currently, my kids and I are listening to the “Who Was…?” audiobook series. We have listened to “Who was Amelia Earhart?” and “Who was Queen Elizabeth?” so far. I asked my eldest kid to write about these people after listening to the audiobooks. It’s interesting to read what stuck to her the most.

I have also read “Who Was Queen Victoria”, “Who Is Malala Yousafzai”, “Who was Sally Ride”, and “Who Was Marie Curie”. So far, I love the books that I have read. Each book is about one hundred pages so it’s not too short or too long for kids. When I was in school, I only recall hearing of one female scientist (Marie Curie), which was only mentioned in passing. So, it was really interesting to read more about her. I also love these books because there are several women in the series. I want my daughters to learn more about accomplished women and I think the “Who Was…?” series will be a good start.

If you are interested in learning or teaching history to your kids, you can start with the recommended titles below.


Below is a paper written by my daughter, Katie after listening to “Who Was Amelia Earhart”.

Amelia Earhart

Did you know Amelia’s big dream was to fly a plane? Amelia liked to be the first one to do everything. Amelia wanted girls to be able to fly planes. Then, her dream came true. Amelia finally flew a plane. Amelia had set many records.