Learning Geometry in Preschool

I have always been interested in Montessori’s play-based learning method. So, I try to incorporate learning through playing in our lessons. One of the games that my kids like to play with are pattern blocks. The kids can copy the blocks from the pattern, or they can come up with their own pattern. I also like to ask give them multiple blocks which they can use to form a big triangle, square, pentagon, etc. They start to exercise their problem solving skills while having fun at the same time. From our playing sessions, they realize that in order to form a new shape (e.g. hexagon), they can use other shapes (e.g. two trapezoids) and combine them in order to form this new shape. 


Below are the materials that Jessica used in the picture. You don’t need to get these materials. If you have time, you can cut an old cardboard box to make the shapes.

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