Why Learn Cursive?

I found out that cursive is no longer taught in schools, so I decided to find out if there are benefits of learning how to write in cursive.  One of the articles I read was “How Should We Teach Our Children to Write?“, which, among other things, mentions that cursive helps kids to learn to read, and helps prevent confusion between b and d, and p and q. Katie has had difficulty with b/d and p/q. Also, it’s faster for me personally to write in cursive than in print. So, I decided to try to teach Katie how to write in cursive. After two and a half months, she was able to produce the document below. The article was originally printed using Times New Roman font and I asked her to convert it to cursive instead. It definitely took a lot less time to teach her to write in cursive than to print. But this could also be because she’s a year older when I taught her cursive, and she has already learned to print. I have also noticed that indeed, she does not confuse b and d when writing them in cursive. Jessica hasn’t learned how to write yet, but I will definitely try teaching her cursive first rather than waiting a year like I did with Katie.


This is the workbook that Katie used, Cursive Writing Program Workbook.

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