My Daughter Ate Her Science Project


“Crystals! Crystals!”, exclaimed Katie excitedly. She was bouncing up and down asking me to make crystals with her. Katie loves crystals. She made a miniature christmas tree last December with my husband by forming crystals. She thought it was cool to grow her own crystals, so she had been asking me to make another one with her.

In order to get Katie interested in science, I try to look for science projects that she would find interesting. When I was a kid, our teacher taught science by giving a lecture on a specific subject, and then we copied the information on the board, then we memorized that information. If we were learning about crystals, then our teacher would show us pictures of crystals and discuss how they were formed. Then, at the end of the week, we would be tested on our knowledge of crystals by answering questions based on the information that we copied from the board. I want my kids to have a lifelong love of learning. I try to find something that would spark their interest and hopefully, dig deeper from there. My kids are not interested in memorizing facts so I try to provide as much hands-on learning as possible to get them excited.

When Mother’s Day came, my husband helped Katie on her science project. The one they made was from water and sugar so it was safe to consume. When the crystals had formed, Katie was very happy to eat her science project.

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